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A Message From Our Founder

  • Friday. April 15, 2022 |
  • By david

About the Founder

Which is me, Ben Erichsen. I was a stock trader for the better part of 20 years until 2018, when I first tried CBD. I had been plagued by constant back pain (sciatica) as well as osteoarthritis in my right shoulder. Nothing–natural anti-inflammatories, daily stretching, ibuprofen–made much of a difference. This went on for over a year until I bought some CBD isolate online after a friend suggested it. I was absolutely stunned when I woke up with no sciatica pain on the 4th day of my 100mg per day regimen. I learned a bit more about hemp and CBD and founded Carolina Pure with my brother based on my experience. (The shoulder pain didn’t go away right away but it did largely dissipate after a few months).

Now I spend the day working out of our FDA & NCDA-certified production facility in Wilmington, NC producing and developing products and often head from there to a baseball field to coach Little League & 12U travel baseball teams. I haven’t traded a share of stock in almost two years.

About Carolina Pure

There are a million hemp companies out there. I’m not discouraged by that fact. The rest of the world is starting to learn what I already know about CBD and the target market will eventually be everyone on the planet–my kids eat one of our gummies every day. But how to distinguish ourselves in a crowded market?

A nice label and website are a good start. Customer service that is guided by a philosophy of “always make things right with the customer” also doesn’t hurt. But where we really try to set ourselves apart is on price. When we launched, our prices were substantially below virtually every competitor I could find and they largely remain that way. The fact is that hemp just isn’t THAT expensive that you need to spend $100 on a bottle of CBD oil. We want to make money, yes, but we also don’t feel that CBD should be a wealthy person’s supplement, and we set our prices accordingly.

We do not sacrifice quality to be able to charge what we do. All our hemp is grown in the NC region by farms that abide by OMRI (organic) standards. Our facility isn’t certified organic so we can’t use the word on our labels, but what goes into our products is pure.

What’s to Come

I’m closing in on 500 words which is basically War & Peace in the context of a hemp newsletter so I’ll wrap it up. In future newsletters, I will highlight and talk a bit about one of our products, discuss upcoming products, share customer’s experiences, and keep you updated on Carolina Pure’s involvement in our NC community. We support several local non-profits and are partnered with a variety of athletes, artists and organizations.

I’m looking forward to discussing all of that and more with you! Please send any comments/questions to me at

Ben Erichsen
Founder, Carolina Pure

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  • Here at Elite Chiropractic, we depend on high-quality products to provide relief to our patients. Carolina Pure CBD has embodied this through its professionalism, quality, and attentiveness. We can not recommend their products enough!

    Elite Chiropractic
  • Carolina Pure CBD has been a huge help for me personally. It takes effect quickly and I don't suffer side effects of harsh drugs.

    Sue - Wilmington NC
  • Carolina Pure works for me. It's that simple. I take it every day now.

    Laura - Leland, NC

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