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Our Values

At Carolina Pure we take the integrity of our brand and product very seriously. Here are our five core values from which the brand was born:

  1. Provide quality CBD and other hemp-derived products to those who need it for a reasonable price.
  2. Utilize environmentally friendly, sustainable packaging for our products wherever possible.
  3. Support and contribute to the financial health and vibrancy of the Carolina region where Carolina Pure was founded by supporting local businesses when possible in our supply chains.
  4. Collaborate with local and regional artists, musicians and athletes to further integrate Carolina Pure into the fabric of the local community.
  5. Give back through non-profits that support the needy and the heroes among us in Southeastern North Carolina.

Provide Quality CBD And Other Hemp-Derived Products To Those Who Need It For A Reasonable Price.

One of the first ideas conceived by the founders of Carolina Pure was, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could provide a meaningful amount of CBD to our customers for $1 per day?” So, we built our company around that concept. Sign up for a subscription of our 1000mg bottles of CBD oil and the price drops to $30, or just $1 per day for 25mg of CBD goodness! Remember that all of our products come with a Certificate of Analysis that you can view on our website so you can be assured that your hemp product is of the highest quality.

Utilize Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable Packaging For Our Products Wherever Possible.

Carolina Pure is proud to be moving its products to environmentally friendly packaging solutions like those offered by Sana Packaging. We are, however, having a difficult time finding a good, sustainable packaging option for dropper bottles. We may have to think outside the box–email us at if you have any ideas!

Support The Health And Vibrancy Of The Carolina Region Where Carolina Pure Was Founded.

Carolina Pure is devoted to the health of its surrounding Carolina community and environment. We are part-owners of a hemp farm about 45 minutes from Wilmington, NC, and we are building beehives there. We have 6 hives and as of 3/16/2021, we pledge to build one beehive for every 1000 units sold. At the farm, we employ only OMRI-certified, sustainable farming practices and products.

In addition to our commitment to being good stewards of the land around us, Carolina Pure is also contributing to the Rural Advancement Foundation (RAFI) which supports local family farmers with an additional emphasis on conservation and sustainability. Contact us at if there are any other worthy non-profits you believe we should consider supporting.

Collaborate With Local And Regional Musicians To Further Integrate Carolina Pure Into The Fabric Of The Local Community.

Carolina Pure loves music. Or at least, its founders do. We are proud to be able to launch with two sponsorships of successful regional musicians Justin Cody Fox and Dr. Bacon. Once the world begins to return to its pre-COVID19 state, we look forward to meeting, working with, and supporting other area artists.

What People Are Saying

  • Here at Elite Chiropractic, we depend on high-quality products to provide relief to our patients. Carolina Pure CBD has embodied this through its professionalism, quality, and attentiveness. We can not recommend their products enough!

    Elite Chiropractic
  • Carolina Pure CBD has been a huge help for me personally. It takes effect quickly and I don't suffer side effects of harsh drugs.

    Sue - Wilmington NC
  • Carolina Pure works for me. It's that simple. I take it every day now.

    Laura - Leland, NC

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