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Why Carolina Pure?

At Carolina Pure, we have a simple goal: to provide premium hemp products at an affordable price.  To do this, we make virtually all of our products in-house at our Wilmington, NC production facility and skip unnecessary bells and whistles.  This allows us to provide you with all the benefits of CBD at a reasonable price.

This is Personal

My name is Ben Erichsen and my brother and I founded Carolina Pure in 2019 in Wilmington, NC after my experience taking CBD for my sciatica and arthritis pain.  I had tried everything at that point: physical therapy, heat, ice, laser treatment, stretching, natural anti-inflammatories, ibuprofen and acetaminophen–none of it made a dent in the ever-present pain in my back and right shoulder.  I didn’t expect the CBD to do anything (or I’d have tried it much sooner), so when I woke up on day 4 of CBD regimen, I was absolutely stunned to find my sciatica pain was gone.  Four years later, it remains gone. 

The Evolution Of Carolina Pure

We launched Carolina Pure with a small handful of products. Importantly, we no longer carry a single one of our original products as we quickly learned that they did not contain enough CBD to provide value and move the needle for people suffering from chronic pain.  Our product line matured into a roster of high-potency CBD, CBG, and CBN products that deliver meaningful relief at an accessible price point.  All of the products we make are tested by an independent third-party laboratory and the Certificates of Analysis (COAs) can be found on our website.  Shop with confidence and enjoy the many benefits of CBD!

Backed By Authenticity

Founded, headquartered, and distributed in agriculturally-rich North Carolina, Carolina Pure’s mission is to educate the consumer and make CBD accessible to everyone. We stand by the quality of our hemp products, with a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis (COA) available on our website for every item we sell. Our COAs document hemp potency for all cannabinoids and compounds as well as any potential contaminants, so you can be sure your Carolina Pure product is of the highest quality.

What People Are Saying

  • Here at Elite Chiropractic, we depend on high-quality products to provide relief to our patients. Carolina Pure CBD has embodied this through its professionalism, quality, and attentiveness. We can not recommend their products enough!

    Elite Chiropractic
  • Carolina Pure CBD has been a huge help for me personally. It takes effect quickly and I don't suffer side effects of harsh drugs.

    Sue - Wilmington NC
  • Carolina Pure works for me. It's that simple. I take it every day now.

    Laura - Leland, NC

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