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Why Carolina Pure Exists

  • Monday. August 1, 2022 |
  • By david

I’ve decided to start incorporating testimonials into this space.  We’ll do that until we’re told to stop, anyway, as all stories will be anecdotal by definition.  There is insufficient clinical evidence at this point to make ANY claims for hemp or cannabis, other than the FDA’s approval to treat children’s epileptic seizures with CBD.  Of course, clinical trials have been impossible for most of the last century.  It’s almost like the pharmaceutical industry, America’s biggest lobbying group by a mile, is worried that their products might be rendered obsolete by one simple plant…

So, there’s a chance that I’ll need to redact this and other text in the future.  We formed this company 3 1/2 years ago and remained compliant with the “no health claims” rule until now.  But the feedback I’ve received and my own profound experience has led us to change our philosophy.  The average person still knows virtually nothing about what hemp can do and it’s time for that to change. I will write more on the many hurdles thrown at the hemp industry by “the man” in blog posts on our site, which will begin in the next week or so.  For now, my experience:

I had sciatica and osteoarthritis pain (right shoulder) for well over a year as an everyday companion.  I maintained a daily regimen of stretching, and physical therapy, and drank a gross mix of many powderized anti-inflammatory herbs with a few ounces of water.  Nothing made a dent.  I was skeptical of CBD and I wouldn’t fully believe my own stories if they didn’t happen to me.  So when I finally tried it, I was stunned when I woke up on day 4 (of 100mg/day CBD) to find my sciatica pain gone.  It remains gone. My shoulder pain subsided less dramatically over time and I was able to cancel scheduled arthroscopic surgery and am now able to throw hundreds of batting practice pitches to my Little League kids each week.  This is why Carolina Pure exists.

That made me a believer of course, but that’s not all.  About a year ago, I felt an occasional strange sensation in my thumbs–like the tendon to my thumb was not long enough.  It started happening more often and I mentioned it to my father.  He told me that Dupuytren’s contracture ran in our family in a mild way.  I had never heard of it and had to look it up just now to find the name again.  You can probably see where this is going.

It somehow took months to occur to me to try hemp for this.  But I finally did start putting puRelief or puRecover from my hand to my shoulder.  Within a week, no more whatever-it’s-called.  I was amazed but not surprised this time.  Nothing I write should ever be construed as medical advice, as I haven’t been to med school and don’t plan to.  My doctor readily points out this fact when I disagree with some of his advice.  I don’t know that I actually “cured” this problem or my other issues; I DO know that none of them bother me anymore. 

It really is incredible stuff for a solid portion of the population for a variety of ailments.  Send your stories to me @ and I’ll send you a discount code for 25% off your next purchase.  For the rest of you, use TOPICAL25 to get 25% off any of our topical products for the next month.

Ben Erichsen

Founder, Carolina Pure

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